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Christmas lunch December 2 2022
We had a very well attended lunch on December 2nd at ENTCS, cooked and served by a small cohort of first year hospitality students.  there were 6 servers and 6 chefs, with a lovely menu that was not overly Christmassy did have turkey as a choice for a main meal.  All dietary requirement were carefully addressed and it was lovely to see many "ken't" faces and also some new ones joining us. 
Do please consider joining us in March for our spring dinner, again cooked and served by the students. Watch out for the e-mail from Claire who manages the database as membership secretary. 


Themed Dinner on 30th March by Hospitality students:
To follow on from their Christmas lunch in December, the hospitality students chose the Queen's platinum jubilee as their theme. We had another excellent turnout of members along with a family group and we were pleased to have Paul, the Principal, also attend. Several new members joined us for the evening and we had a lovely meal and social occasion. The menu reflected the Queen's travels and an explanation of each dish was given on the menu provided. It was an excellent evening, enjoyed by all and then we travelled home in the snow.



Coffee zoom tattie scone challenge: following a chat one coffee zoom day, when several Glasgow Cookery school recipe books appeared , it was suggested we had a tattie scone

challenge for the next coffee get together. Here are two of the results : firstly

Kathleen's using 4oz.mashed potato and adding half an ounce of butter. I added 2

oz.s.r.flour plus a good pinch of salt, gradually to the pan mixing with a wooden

spoon then poured 1 fluid oz.milk in to make the dough soft elastic just as in

scone mix. I rolled it out quite thinly then cooked on the girdle about 5mins.

turning half way.



Now Jonathan's - who started this whole ball rolling! His recipe is from the Traditional

Scottish Cookery book - Potato scones - 1lb mashed potatoes, 4oz approximately plain

flour, salt.  Mash potatoes until quite smooth, adding a little salt. Knead with flour to

required thickness. Cut into triangles. Brown both sides on a girdle or frying pan, pricking

with a fork to prevent blistering. Serve hot, spread with butter. 


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