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Revised Constitution 2024

Queen Margaret University Association Constitution


  1. Name:
    1. The name of the association shall be Queen Margaret University Association (QMUA) as agreed at the QMU Graduate Association AGM 2023.
  2. Objectives

    1. To provide opportunities for friendship, mentorship and continuing contact betweenformer students/staff and current staff of Queen Margaret University.

    2. To maintain contact via newsletters and events

    3. To help promote the welfare of the University and its students.

    4. To manage and maintain Madras Lodge for the benefit of members (within the terms of Miss M C White’s will)

  3. Membership

    1. Membership is open to:-

      • All former students who have completed a recognised programme of study at QMU (formerly QMUC, QMC, Edinburgh College of Domestic Science) including partner institutions of the University who award QMU degrees. *see note.

      • Present and past members of University staff

      • Present and past members of QMU Students’ Union staff

      • Present and past members of the University court (governing body)

      • Honorary graduates of the University

  4. Management:

    • The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an executive committee, which shall have the powers to co-opt and to appoint such committees as it may deem necessary from time to time. For example, a finance committee

    • The office bearers of the Association shall be (re)elected at each Annual General meeting and shall consist of:  a President , one Vice president, a Minute secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership secretary, a Social secretary and a Madras Lodge Treasurer. A further 3 ordinary members plus the President Student Union (Ex-officio and Head of Development QMU (Ex -officio) will constitute the full committee.

    • Members of the committee will be appointed for a three year term, and maybe re-appointed for a further three years. Five members shall form the quorum for conduct of business of the committee.

    • Committee members shall normally retire in rotation provided that not more than half the committee membership are due to retire at one time.

  5. QMU Association funds:

    • The funds of the Association shall be administered by the committee with membership fees being agreed from time to time by an AGM. Before incurring any expense which is likely to be in excess of the ordinary revenue of the Association, or of any funds raised for a special purpose, the committee will obtain sanction of a two-thirds majority of members present at an AGM or represented at a Special meeting for such expenditure.The financial year of the Association shall end annually on 31st March The accounts of the Association shall be prepared by a firm of Accountants as the committee (with approval of the AGM) shall from time to time appoint and be presented for approval at the AGM.

  6. Meetings:

    • The AGM shall be held during the summer semester of QMU (and no later than June of each year). At which examined accounts shall be submitted by the Treasurer and Madras Lodge treasurer, and a report on the work of the committee shall be presented by the President. A copy of the AGM agenda shall be sent to all members of the Association by the membership secretary (by e-mail) at least 21 days prior to the AGM. Any voting required shall be conducted either in person at the meeting or by e-mail voting available in advance. The Minute secretary shall prepare the minutes promptly following the meeting.

    • A special meeting of the Association may be called at any time on request to the President, stating the purpose proposed and signed by 12 members of the Association.

    • The Executive committee will meet at least 3 times a year (not including the AGM).

  7. Madras Lodge:

    • As stated in the Will of Miss Mary C White (and in further report on Title undertaken in 2019) the President, Vice president and Secretary (Minute secretary) of QMU Association are the legal trustees** for Madras Lodge and thus, as custodians of the property, have final decision-making regarding its management on behalf of all members of the Association.

    • Normally, the Vice president will take the lead for the management of Madras Lodge.

    • There will be a separate Treasurer for Madras Lodge accounts who shall be re-elected annually at each AGM as per other executive committee roles.

    • Members of the committee shall from time to time take roles in organising the maintenance and management of bookings for Madras Lodge.

  8. Changes in Constitution:

    • This constitution may be amended by a General meeting, the notice of which shall identify the proposed amendments, and no amendment shall have effect unless approved by at least two-thirds of the number of votes cast at such meeting.

    • Dissolution

      • The Association may be dissolved by a Resolution carried by three quarters of the members voting in person, or by proxy, or electronically, at an Extraordinary General Meeting. The notice of meeting will be given than 28 days prior to the date of the meeting, specifying the intention, reason for dissolution and proposed final dispersal of available net funds and/or property . In event of such dissolution occurring without the final destination of the whole or part available net funds and/or property being identified or agreed legal advice shall be sought.


Adopted by the majority at the Annual General Meeting held in Queen Margaret University on 31 May 2024.

  • Note: Partner institutions across the globe who award QMU degrees include, for example:

British University in Egypt Cairo, Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Kathmandu and Metropolitan College, Greece.

** Trusteeship (as per Miss White’s will and the later Report on Title and Agreement 2005)date ) gives Trustees power to apply income derived from the rental of the properties in the maintenance, repair and improvement of Madras lodge withupkeep and renewal of the contentsfollowing which any surplus income which might remain may, from time to time, to be distributed between Deaf Action and Royal Blind School. Trustees also have the power to borrow on the security of the property to finance repairs and improvements and manage the investment and use of the residual capital left by Miss White.

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